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President & Founder
 Born in Natal, a city in the northeast of Brazil, Dianna Menezes Santos, always carried with her a strong feeling of helping people to expand their potentialas an autonomous and participative individual in society.
Thus, she graduated in Pedagogy from the University of Pernambuco, beginning her career as an educator. In 2010 she immigrated to Canada with her family, to the city of Toronto. During this period, she realized that she could develop social project, in order to help people in need, especially in psycho-emotional care. For this reason, in 2015 she founded Life For Lives, an NGO that works with great love, in the social and emotional care of the individual, invested in promoting the autonomy of people in situations of social vulnerability.


VP of Strategy & Project Director
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Fernanda Ulhoa is a Chief of Strategy Officer and Project Director. In her role, she is responsible in creating and implementing an organization's strategic goals, and for planning and overseeing projects.  Fernanda has a Bachelor Degree in Administration & Business Development and 1 (one) year degree (specialization) in Project Management and International Commerce Trade. Prior to Life for Lives, Fernanda Co-founded a Brazilian NGO “Instituto Estação Desenvolvimento – IEDES” and worked as President and Project Manager for 12 (twelve) years. She built socio-economic projects to reduce poverty by implementing professionalization of production and supply chains in Northeast of Brazil.
Fernanda also had a position in the “Brazilian Federal Government” as Chief of Social Service at “National Transport Confederation” (CNT/SEST) for the Northeast Region, and Social Service Coordinator at “ITAU Bank Foundation” (ItauClube Foundation). She is passionate to support and increase people’s lives, thus being part of “Life for Lives” a dream coming true in Canada.


Director of Development

Maria has a passion to be a voice for the voiceless. Her extensive background in development makes her an asset in this role.

Communication Coordinator

Miriam de Souza was born in Ceres, a city in the central west of Brazil. In her city she was a farmer and lived comfortably. However, she lived moments of great pain in her life, with the loss of her older brother, victim of violence. Afraid of being the next victim of domestic violence that plagues women in the world, she sought refuge in another country. Canada was the country where Miriam found shelter and restarted her life.

Miriam is very creative and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2015, she met Life for Lives and decided to actively contribute, with the organization. Working with people in situations of social vulnerability, telling her life story and overcoming it.

Director of Events

Catia Reis Tsuluhas grew up and studied in Venancio Aires, south of Brazil, always participating and volunteering in social and community work. Together with family members, she was always making a great difference in the community.

Catia moved to Sao Paulo as a young adult to pursue a career as a flight attendant for a decade, later moving to Canada to further her studies.
For many year she contributed to develop a family business for further, being inspired by her love for precious gems and jewellery, becoming a certified Gemmologist and launching her own company with a engaged conscience of reclaiming and recycling pieces of jewellery.
Catia is proud of her environmental and social endeavours work in an industry where workers and land are both frequent abused.
Recently Catia started contributing to the Brazilian immigrants’ community in Canada, meeting four brave women along the way, who have thoughts and believes very similar to her own. The wish of helping the people in remote and explored place around the world, starting at her mother land Brazil, soon became a project and a commitment to be a important part of an organization that is committed to bring help and resources for those less fortunate that need our help, care and love.

Together, Catia believes that one day the volunteering work can be extended to reach the wrongly explored mineral industry families, specially helping to distinguing minor labor abuse.


Noe Pacheco is the treasurer of the charity Life For Lives. Family has always been an important part of Noe’s life. Being the only brother of four sisters, he has felt like he has been raising kids all his life. Now, as a proud father of five children and a grandfather of one, soon to be two . He has enjoyed being a coach of all his children for a variety of sports for twenty years and general mentorship. He has been Entrepreneur his whole life present working as a Real Estate Broker.  He is very honoured to accept the position of treasurer.

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