Memory Workshop

Memory Workshop

The Project “Workshop on education, memory, forgetfulness and playful games for the elderly” is an extension work aimed at stimulating the cognitive performance of the elderly and the possibility of expanding their social interaction networks.

It is a permanent proposal that has the function of collaborating for the performance of memory, the expansion of the social network and the feeling of self-efficiency in the participants.

Activities Include: 

  • Verbal reasoning: language, anagrams, games, verbal fluency, understanding (stimulates the left brain.
  • Visual reasoning: visual learning, body language, attention, physiognomy, photographic memory.
  • Numerical reasoning: numbers, logic, rationality, argumentative skills.
  • Creativity: imagination, lateral thinking, emerging of new ideas, flexible thoughts, finding new alternatives for the same problem, stimulates the right brain.
  • Short- and long-term memory: general knowledge, mental image, associations, senses
  • Motor functions: drawings, active learning and procedural memory.

During these meeting we analyze how the elderly interpret the impact of such experience on their cognitive skills, functional activities and everyday functions.