About Us

Life For Lives Community Action Centre is a non-governmental organization based in Toronto, Ontario, founded in 2015,
which develops actions in the social and emotional care of individuals, investing in promoting the capacities
of people in situations of social vulnerability. Developing and multiplying social welfare actions in an integrated and multicultural way.
Legally it is a civil association of private law with no economic purpose, of a social, educational and sustainable nature.




Life For Lives' mission expresses the challenge of interacting and integrating with the various sectors of civil society, developing innovative
actions with children, youth, women, men and the elderly in the social and educational areas. In the perspective that society is motivated to help people in situations of social vulnerability in a multicultural and sustainable model.




That individuals in a situation of social vulnerability, be motivated and
helped to develop skills, making them entrepreneurs and autonomous.




We practice Solidarity, with Love, Respect and Responsibility.
Providing the Autonomy of individuals, through Education in a Multicultural and
Sustainable model.