Our Projects

Memory Workshop 

The Project “Workshop on education, memory, forgetfulness and playful games for the elderly” is an extension work aimed at stimulating the cognitive performance of the elderly and the possibility of expanding their social interaction networks. It is a permanent proposal that has the function of collaborating for the performance of memory, the expansion of the social network and the feeling of self-efficiency in the participants. During these meeting we analyze how the elderly interpret the impact of such experience on their cognitive skills, functional activities and everyday functions. 

Activities include: 

  • Verbal reasoning: language, anagrams, games, verbal fluency, understanding (stimulates the left brain.) 

  • Visual reasoning: visual learning, body language, attention, physiognomy, photographic memory. 

  • Numerical reasoning: numbers, logic, rationality, argumentative skills. 

  • Creativity: imagination, lateral thinking, emerging of new ideas, flexible thoughts, finding new alternatives for the same problem, stimulates the right brain. 

  • Short- and long-term memory: general knowledge, mental image, associations, senses 

  • Motor functions: drawings, active learning and procedural memory. 


Food Bank 

Around March we started to buy and deliver groceries to elderly citizens because of Covid-19. That is where the food bank started. After that, we had been getting donations from people from the community around Toronto and on April 6 we began to deliver food to families who couldn’t afford it, or they weren’t able to leave due to specific circumstances because of Covid-19. So far, we have delivered food to over 150 families across Toronto. We want to continue doing this because we have realized that there are a lot of families that need help and are silently struggling without any means of help. There are millions of people who struggle with hunger, people with high and low incomes. We want to continue to provide families who are less fortunate because we want them to be able to have food on the table. We want to make sure that the people of our community are safe and healthy, because we are all a community and we are all in this together. We have worked so hard with volunteers and we have been a non-profit organization. Everything that is being operated is solely voluntary. We have been fortunate enough to have other families as well as individuals donating to our cause so that we can provide these families with food. We provide families with the nutrition that specifically pertains to them. Not every family has the same nutritional needs as another family might have. We feel that we not only provide meals, but us as volunteers bring hope to these families when we deliver to them. People from all across Ontario are feeling the need to help, have been volunteering and donating. 


Heart to Heart Pillow Project 

We started the Heart to Heart project in August 2015, but in 2017 is when we fully opened up the organization and started to distribute the pillows to the hospitals. The project started in the United States by Janet Kramer Mai, a breast cancer specialist at the Erlanger Breast Resource Centre in Chattanooga, Tennessee was diagnosed with breast cancer. Inspired by Janet, the project was taken to Denmark by nurse Nancy Fries-Jensen, from Frederiksberg Hospital, where it then spread across some parts of Europe. Today the heart pillow is being used by thousands of breast cancer patients, it is designed to: 

  • facilitate arm rest after the surgical process, 
  • the pillow relieves pain of the surgical incision, 
  • reduces lymphatic swelling that is caused by the surgery, 
  • reduces tension in the shoulders, 
  • and it is used under a cars seat belt to protect the patient from possible bumps on the road. 

We became aware of this beautifully amazing project through “Quilteiras do Cerrado” and for four years I have held meetings with my dear friends and students to make some of these pillows, with care and dedication. Life for Lives, along with volunteers has distributed around 1500 pillows. We want to continue this project not only in Toronto, but across the country to help ease the pain, and support the patients who have been affected by breast cancer.