Sertão Vivo

Sertão Vivo


Life for Lives through a support partnership with the AMAI mission that has been working for over 17 years in the extreme Sertão of Northeast Brazil, created the Sertão Vivo project.


It was over 6 years of not feeling a drop of rain. Our desire was to bring life and hope to those people, and help the situation of extreme poverty which had become a real chaos.

Despite the little resources we had at that time, we managed to raise 60 kits of school supplies for the children of that region. Since then every year we have increased our challenge to try to meet the needs for school supplies.


For we believe that only through Education that a person can transform their situation. Since these four years we have been able to follow some significant changes in the lives of those families and children that are served by the Sertão Vivo project and our mission is to do everything in our power so that in fact they have a real change in life.