Toronto BrazilFest 2022

Life for Lives had the privilege of participating in this event that fosters and strengthens the Brazilian community. We all thank the entire organization of @torontobrazilfest.
For this wonderful cultural event. There was a lot of activities, good food, music, and exposure of entrepreneurs.
A community is only strengthened with unity, empathy, values, respect and social inclusion.
Next year there’s more!

Thank you Arilda for all your work and support!

Some highlights of Life for Lives’ participation:



BRAZILFEST & LIFE FOR LIVES – For a Flood Relief Fund in Recife, Pernambuco, BR

**Visit this Link to Learn more**

By purchasing your ticket, you will be eligible to win any of these prizes, as well as assisting BrazilFest in promoting Brazilian culture and providing relief to those affected by the floods in Pernambuco, Brazil

Brazilfest will donate a portion of the proceeds from the campaign to the Life for Lives project.

The city of Recife has suffered a natural catastrophe in the last two weeks. 100’s of families have lost their homes, cars, and businesses due to this flood. Schools have been completely flooded. Shelters and Daycares have lost their school, food, and resources to help families in extreme poverty. Life for Lives and Brazilfest join forces to raise funds  to support local organizations that need our help!

The first draw will take place on August 19th on, and the second on September 16th in our Brazilfest. tv Bate papo com a Arilda.




 The prizes are:
  • The electric moped. Rear suspension, comfortable wide seating and smooth acceleration from our powerful motor will have you feeling like you’re flowin’ discover a new way of getting around.
  • Pandeiro Contemporanea 10” Pro model Light wood coated with black formica, Transparent lid by Contemporânea – percussão brasileira.
  • M embership Capoeira class – Learning to play slow and it’s one of the most enjoyable games #Capoeira.

  • O ne Jewelry set; necklace and bracelet by Catia Reis.
  • Pandeiro Contemporanea 10” wood coated with black formica, Brazilian flag leather with case by Contemporânea – percussão brasileira.
  • Beautiful painting by the artist DSnow.
Next prize is…
This space is open for your donation if you want to be part of this campaign send us an email
we appreciate your help!
Thank You Arilda for organizing this amazing event!