Our social, educational and cultural projects are based on sustainable development. In other words, an individual aware of his social function, will be an agent capable of promoting local development, and including everyone around him. Every change is indispensable for growth.

In 2016 Life for Lives created the Sertão Vivo project. This project is a partnership with the AMAI mission, which has been carrying out missionary work for more than 19 years in the extreme rural area of Northeast Brazil. It was of extreme poverty, a real chaos.

Our will was and always will be to bring life and hope to those people so suffering that they live in a situation of extreme social vulnerability. Despite the little resources we had at that time, we managed to raise 60 kits of school supplies for the children of that region. Since then, every year we have increased our challenge to try to meet the needs for school supplies. Because we believe that Education transforms people and people transform the world.

Over these five years, we can follow some significant changes in the lives of those families and children who are served by the Sertão Vivo project and our mission is to make each individual potentially productive, autonomous, and socially integrated.

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Our volunteers give their time and lend a variety of skills to the cause, helping the society to learn about the work of L4L and sharing the opportunity to make a difference.