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Life For Lives was founded in 2015 by a family with extensive experience in pioneering volunteer initiatives and continuing social and emotional passion for the vulnerable. We have the vision to support and increase many people’s lives in Canada.

During these years, we have created and supported several initiatives in the area of social, educational, sustainable economic development,and cultural sectors in our community.

Welcoming everybody, our mission expresses the challenge of interacting and integrating with the various sectors of civil society developing innovative actions.

Registered Charity: 708211321 RR 0001

4 years of history

Families around the world.

Who We Are




Life For Lives' mission expresses the challenge of interacting and integrating with the various sectors of civil society, developing innovative actions with children, youth, women, men and the elderly in the social and educational areas. In the perspective that society is motivated to help people in situations of social vulnerability in a multicultural and sustainable model.

That individuals in a situation of social vulnerability, be motivated and helped to develop skills, making them entrepreneurs and autonomous.

We practice Solidarity, with Love, Respect and Responsibility. Providing the Autonomy of individuals, through Education in a Multicultural and Sustainable model.
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Our actions around the world

Sertão Vivo Project

Sertão Vivo Project

Our project in the Sertão Region of Nordeste, Brazil aims to help , reduce poverty and providing a basis for an equitable society. Life for Lives goal is to Improve the quality of life of underprivileged communities in Pernambuco.
The Heart Pillow

The Heart Pillow

Its purpose is to provide comfort and improve the self-esteem of women who have survived breast cancer removal surgery. We have already distributed around 300 pillows in the past two years.
Memory Workshop

Memory Workshop

It aims to improve the performance or cognitive functions of the elderly or disabled. Cognitive stimulation prevents loss of memory capacity, improves, and develops cognitive functions of reasoning, increases dexterity and knowledge, and favours interpersonal relationships.
Luso-Brazilian Community Centre

Luso-Brazilian Community Centre

As the number of Brazilian immigrants continuously increases in Canada. Life for Lives has developed a support system to help facilitate the integration of new immigrants into Canadian society. Although the Center provides emotional support, it is also involved in promoting information about Canada's multicultural society. The Center welcomes all nationalities in its heart.
Food Bank Assistance

Food Bank Assistance

During the pandemic in 2020 we were able to provide over 500 families with the basic necessities to people that were not able to receive help from the Government.