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in the socially vulnerable

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Founded in 2015

Life For Lives Community Action Centre is a non-governmental organization based in Toronto, Ontario, which develops actions in the social and emotional care of individuals, investing in promoting the capacities of people in situations of social vulnerability.

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The Power of Potential

Learn more about how we identify opportunities for collaboration and participation through workshops and our global humanitarian initiatives

Coming Soon Updated on September 17, 2020
Overview Life for Lives through a support partnership with the AMAI mission that has been working for over 17 years in the extreme Sertão of …

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Around March we started to buy and deliver groceries to elderly citizens because of Covid-19. That is where the food bank started. After that, we …
The Project “Workshop on education, memory, forgetfulness and playful games for the elderly” is an extension work aimed at stimulating the cognitive performance of the …
Canada is a country of beauty, prosperity and wealth, where people can enjoy the highest quality of education, health care, safety and economic stability. The …
Overview We started the Heart to Heart project in August 2015, but in 2017 is when we fully opened up the organization and started to …